At CG & Co Events, we specialize in creating custom and personalized Multicultural weddings. We understand the challenges when combining personal, cultural, geographical and religious traditions into a wedding day that is not only special to you, the couple, but also to your families.  While your culture or background doesn’t have to be the theme of your wedding, the elements you include should complement the wedding’s overall look and feel.  If you are not sure what to include or exclude, don’t worry, CG & Co Events has over 13+ years of experience helping couples like you with this exact thing.  


We have developed a detailed planning structure that will help you navigate through the entire planning process.  This process includes items such as, but not limited to;


  • First and foremost, identifying what YOUR vision and priorities are for the wedding day 

  • Guiding you through initial conversations with family to understand what is important to them, while keeping your vision

  • Helping to create a wedding day that allows for the beauty of tradition but also speaks to your personalities and tastes

  • Providing a comprehensive list of vendors that can accommodate your specific wedding needs, including religious and traditional needs

Multicultural Wedding FAQs

  • Our parents will be involved in the planning process along with us, is that something you are comfortable with?

    This is something we are very much used to.  We are happy to coordinate directly with your parents or simply just include them in some or all of the planning details.  

  • Do you have an extensive list of vendors that are familiar with Multicultural weddings?

    We certainly do! With over 13 years of experience, we have an extensive list of vendors comfortable with Multicultural weddings including officiants, caterers, decorators, etc. 

  • How comfortable are you planning weddings with over 400 guests?

    We have years of experience working with guest counts over 400 and 500 guests.  We understand that large guest counts require additional assistants, added signage, and a specific attention to detail than smaller weddings and we can say with confidence that we are extremely comfortable planning larger weddings as we are smaller weddings.

  • Do you have any additional examples of your Multicultural wedding experience?

    Absolutely! Feel free to visit our Instagram (@cgandcoevents) or our Wedding Portfolio. Please let us know if you are looking for something specific and we would be happy to send it directly to you.

  • What type of packages do you offer for Multicultural weddings?

    All of our wedding planning packages apply to Multicultural weddings and are located on our Wedding Services page on our website. We do not increase our pricing if you are having multiple events in one (1) day. We are also happy to create a custom package for your multi-day wedding weekend.

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