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At CG & Co Events, we specialize in creating custom and personalized Multicultural weddings. We understand the challenges when combining personal, cultural, geographical and religious traditions into a wedding day that is not only special to you, the couple, but also to your families.  While your culture or background doesn’t have to be the theme of your wedding, the elements you include should complement the wedding’s overall look and feel.  If you are not sure what to include or exclude, don’t worry, CG & Co Events has over 13+ years of experience helping couples like you with this exact thing.  


We have developed a detailed planning structure that will help you navigate through the entire planning process.  This process includes items such as, but not limited to;


  • First and foremost, identifying what YOUR vision and priorities are for the wedding day 

  • Guiding you through initial conversations with family to understand what is important to them, while keeping your vision

  • Helping to create a wedding day that allows for the beauty of tradition but also speaks to your personalities and tastes

  • Providing a comprehensive list of vendors that can accommodate your specific wedding needs, including religious and traditional needs

Multicultural Wedding FAQs

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