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No one could have ever imagined, when you started the wedding planning journey, that you would have to shift all of your wedding plans and come up with ways to keep all of your friends and family 6ft away from each other.  While we understand wedding planning can be a stressful process on its own, we are now learning how difficult it can be when you have to shift and restructure your entire wedding in the middle of a pandemic.  


If you don’t have a wedding planner, we know how stressful this process can be and we are here to help.  We are now offering our Events Restructured package, where we will handle all of the details of moving (or exploring moving) your wedding.  Once your wedding date has been confirmed, our services are complete.  You are welcome to hire CG & Co Events as your wedding planner but you certainly do not need to.  Our goal is to ease your stress during this unprecedented time so you can focus on each other’s health and safety.  


Below you will find the general list of services included in our Events Restructured package:


  • Initial meeting to discuss your current wedding details and potential date options

  • We will contact all of your wedding vendors to check on their available date(s) and create easy-to-use tracking documents.  

  • Once you select a date, we will handle collecting all new updated contracts from your vendors.

  • We will create a cloud-based folder to organize all of your restructuring documents.


We would love to set up a time to chat about your wedding and where you are at in the planning process.




Whether we like it or not, this pandemic has required us all to adjust and pivot our life’s major events.  We understand that this is not an ideal situation for anyone and we are here to help.  


Our Events Reimagined package is for the couple who had every intention of planning their own wedding but is now realizing a wedding planner may be able to help to navigate the remainder of the planning during this unprecedented time.  We have experienced many "COVID weddings" and have learned a lot through the process.  We are here to help guide you through all of the options on how to plan a wedding and keep you and your guests safe.  


We would love to set up a time to chat with you about your wedding and where you are at in the planning process! 




Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or if you would like to discuss further. 


We hope you all are staying safe and healthy! 



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