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Southern Charm - Bourbon Bar

One of the jobs of a wedding planner is to not only create a day that is perfectly planned and runs smoothly but also to bring in those personal and unique touches, specific to each couple, that will make their wedding THEIRS. Some couples choose to create a customized menu of their favorite foods or maybe a meal they ate on their first date, some choose to donate to a charity that is close to their heart, some take the pattern in the Bride's wedding dress and use it throughout the day (paper products, on cake, etc). Whatever you choose, make sure to make it personal to the two of you!

One of our grooms wanted to honor his southern roots and his love of bourbon so we created a custom bourbon bar lounge for not only the Groom but also the guests to enjoy at the reception. Something like this is totally customizable. You can add four to six types of your favorite bourbon to the bar along with a bunch of your favorite condiments such as orange twist, lemon twist, mint, bitters and even candied bacon!! You can bring in a cool vintage bar or shelving unit, a small group of furniture or even old cigar boxes and old crystal decanters for decor accent pieces.

We will have more pictures for you soon!



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