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Winter Wedding Proposal Ideas

It is no secret that the holidays bring us together with the desire to spread as much love and cheer as we can. So it shouldn’t come as a shock to hear that the holidays are very popular for new engagements. Winter has always been the most romantic of the seasons. It could be the magic of the first snowfall, or the fireplaces crackling while you’re cozied up to your loved one. Combine that with the holidays and you have the ideal atmosphere to make memories that will be sure to last the rest of your lives. Below are some winter proposal ideas that will be sure to bring you enough memories to last a lifetime.

Decorating the tree

Decorating your tree can be a festive bonding experience between you and your partner. Make it a moment she will never forget by creating an ornament for your tree that says “Will you marry me?” on it, or a rounded box that appears to be an ornament but in fact opens up to hold her new sparkling engagement ring! Incorporating your proposal into a holiday tradition will be such a nice surprise that she’ll cherish forever.

Sleigh ride

Whether you’re in NYC’s Central Park, visiting a hometown, or took a spontaneous trip to someplace special to you both, a romantic carriage ride through any city is a truly magical and memorable occasion. There is a reason they put it in the movies-it just works! There’s something so intimate and magical about getting engaged while riding along in the winter snow.


Anytime you can get away to a magical city with a must-see attraction like the festive Christmas tree at the Rockefeller center in New York City or a cozy winter resort in Colorado that is sure to be your winter wonderland- do it! These places will set the tone for romance, giving you the perfect opportunity to pop the question.

Cozy on the couch

A romantic winter proposal doesn’t always have to happen at a fancy restaurant or skiing lodge. Make a homemade meal for the two of you and cozy up on the couch watching your favorite movie. Not only will she feel the love, but will also be super surprised when you ask for her hand in marriage!

Write it in the snow

The first snowfall is always a magical moment so why not incorporate snow into your proposal for something extra special? Set up a tiny trail of footprints leading towards a question written massive in the snow for your partner to see, “Will You Marry Me?” Follow it up with breakfast in bed to make her feel extra special and you’ll really have the win!

Countdown to love

New Year’s Eve has always been about a new year, new you. There’s no better way to ring in the New Year than by asking the love of your life to be yours forever. Just as the clock strikes midnight and the countdown reaches one, get down on your knee and ask to spend forever with her. I promise you, there won’t be a dry eye in sight! Not to mention, champagne is sure to be close so you can both cheers to your love, together!



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